Executive Producer | Itamar Kubovy

Co-Artistic Director | Renée Jaworski 
Co-Artistic Director | Matt Kent

Senior Company Manager | Kirsten Leon
Production Manager | Anna Bate
Technical Director | Josh Sandberg

Education & Community Engagement Manager | Emily Kent

Programming & Development Manager | Hannah Firestone
Development Consultant | Lily Binns

Marketing Manager | Brigid Pierce
Publicist | Catherine Major

Administrative Assistant | Lillian Cole


To receive media and publicity materials for an upcoming engagement, please email our publicist Catherine Major.

Pilobolus is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit


Board of Directors

Chair | Howard Weinberg

Secretary | Susan Mandler
Executive Producer | Itamar Kubovy

Robby Barnett – W. Matthew Lynn – Vince McCarthy – Hillary Lane – David Mechlin – A. James Tinson – Michael Tracy – Barry Wacksman


Header photo by Brigid Pierce.