Executive Producer | Itamar Kubovy

Co-Artistic Director | Renée Jaworski 
Co-Artistic Director | Matt Kent

Senior Company Manager | Kirsten Leon
Production Manager | Anna Bate

Education & Community Engagement Manager | Emily Kent

Programming & Development Manager | Hannah Firestone
Development Consultant | Lily Binns

Marketing Manager | Brigid Pierce

Publicist | Catherine Major

Touring Partners: to receive media and publicity materials for an upcoming engagement, please email our publicist at the link above.

Pilobolus is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit


Board of Directors

Chair | Howard Weinberg
Secretary | Susan Mandler

Robby Barnett, Ciara Burnham, Maria Campbell, Jay Cohen, W. Matthew Lynn, Vince McCarthy, Hillary Lane, David Mechlin, A. James Tinson, Michael Tracy, Barry Wacksman


Header photo by Brigid Pierce.