Open to dancers and non dancers alike, our Corporate Workshops welcome all to experience Pilobolus’s creative and collaborative process.  Focusing on the clients topic at hand, the workshops are playful, group-driven, challenging and fun. Pilobolus fans and curious minds from all walks of life will learn to access untapped areas of creativity and improve effectiveness in a group. 

Pilobolus focuses on how people, working together, can do astounding things. In Pilobolus Corporate Workshops, we work with creatives and non-creatives alike to let go of preconceptions about collaboration, and discover infinite forms of what is beautiful and possible. Our founders were not trained dancers or collaborators, but curious and interested movers. Pilobolus’s workshop programs underline the idea that anyone can be creative, and impress the joy of collaboration. Whether you have never doodled in your life or you create regularly, the Pilobolus Corporate Workshops are for you.