Pilobolus focuses on how people, working together, can create form and movement to breathtaking effect. In Pilobolus Masterclasses and Workshops, we work with dancers and non-dancers alike to let go of preconceptions about dance, and discover infinite forms of what is beautiful and possible. Our founders were not trained dancers, but curious and interested movers. Pilobolus’s education programs underline the idea that anyone can dance and create dance. Whether you have never danced a step or you take class regularly, there is a Pilobolus program for you.


Take your training to the next level and reinvigorate your creative impulses using Pilobolus’s signature techniques of improvisation and movement creation. Classes include partnering, collaborative choreography, and peer to peer feedback. This class is designed to stretch your limits as a mover, and performer. This Masterclass is designed for ages 8 and up.


The core values of Pilobolus are creativity, collaboration and communication. In this class, Pilobolus Teaching Artists help students discover their own unique artistic voice, and learn how to work with others to create original material collaboratively. When students work together toward a common goal, they gain understanding of themselves and each other. 


Open to dancers and non dancers alike, this Masterclass welcomes all to experience Pilobolus’s creative process.  This class is playful, group-driven, physically challenging and fun. Pilobolus fans and curious minds from all walks of life will learn to access untapped areas of creativity and improve effectiveness in a group. 


      What's the maximum number of people for a class?
          We like to keep our classes to a maximum of 30 students. If you're hoping to work with more people, email Emily to discuss!
      Do I need a dance studio?
          Nope. We do classes in function rooms, cafegymatoriums, and everything in between.
      How long is a master class? How much time do I need to have free?
          Our standard is 45 to 60 minutes, depending on a few factors like class size. If you're looking to do something shorter or longer, email Emily and we'll work with your time frame to create something.

For information on Master Classes, contact Emily Kent – ekent@pilobolus.org.