Lookback: Five Senses Festival 2019

Lookback: Five Senses Festival 2019

August 5, 2019

Our second annual Five Senses Festival! has come to a close and we’re still buzzing from all the up-close experiences we shared with friends and neighbors from near and far.

To all the incredible artists, musicians, writers, thinkers, builders, partners, dancers, restaurateurs, movers, makers, advocates, donors, volunteers, audiences, staff, board, and members of our incredible community — THANK YOU for helping us bring this dream to life! You came in the rain and you braved the heat, and you connected in surprising, wonderful ways. You made our festival so much more than we ever imagined:

4,300 tickets, 1,000 new visitors, 155 artists,
and 75 events in 7 days on one incredible field...
and over 1 million dollars of impact in our community.

Stay tuned for info on Five Senses Festival 2020!

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