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Come to Your Senses – now on tour!

October 6, 2018

Our fall season kicked off with performances at White Bird in Portland, OR, and then on to a tour up the California coast, as we launch our new repertory show, Come to your senses.

Our 2018-19 tour season will certainly keep us on our toes, as we send four separate performances programs on the road:

  • Come to Your Senses – an all-new repertory show featuring Pilobolus classics alongside two new Pilobolus works, including our first ever women’s trio!

  • Shadowland - our original shadow show, featuring the iconic dog girl – loved by over a million fans!

  • Shadowland: The New Adventure - a new shadow show, pushing the limits of the form, as it follows two factory workers and their quest to save a magical bird

  • Pilobolus is a Fungus - an interactive performance and exploration of movement – created for kids, loved by audiences of all ages!

  • PLUS we’re bringing our workshops and community programs on the road, hosting community workshops, dance intensives, and collaborative art experiences including UP! The Umbrella Project!

This winter we’re heading overseas for performances and special events across Europe and Asia. And then we’ll be back in the states, with performances all across the U.S.A. Be sure to visit our Tour page to see our full performance lineup…..and check back often, as we’re always adding tour stops!

Check out our Tour Calendar to see our full performance schedule.

To learn more about workshops and community events, visit our
Workshops page.